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Building Management Talent

This is a modular, organic and flexible programme for any organization who would like to make radical changes to their culture, their methods of working and their levels of organisational success.  

This achieved through a comprehensive development programme for managers, which is built around a set of core themes:

  • Managing self
  • Managing systems, procedures and resources
  • Managing the work 
  • Managing people and relationships
  • Managing change

The programme is highly practical and actively engages managers in reflecting upon current processes and procedures while exploring ways of developing their own knowledge, skills and attitudes to make personal, team and organizational change.  It sits alongside other organization-wide initiatives and, where appropriate and relevant, these influence the content.  In other words, the programme is not generic but specifically centred around our clients’ organizational issues. 

This makes the programme targeted and relevant; active and practical; challenging and results driven.  It's designed to increase your managers' level of involvement; participation; responsibility and ownership.

In the design and development phase, we work closely with our client organisations to identify the key issues.

Delivery of the programme is flexible and can include any of the following:

  • Opening channels of dialogue between participant managers and their bosses
  • Skill-development workshops
  • Team-building workshops and events
  • 1-2-1 and group coaching
  • Work-based assignments and change-management projects
  • Personal research
  • Peer group discussions

Continual monitoring and feedback enables us to change content and direction at any time in order to take on changing organizational issues and improve results.

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