Our Business Consultancy is for managers who want to focus on the transformation of key areas of their business. The way you work today may not be the best way to work tomorrow.

We assist managers in outlining their strategies and goals, in line with the context of their business. Our consultants ensure a focus is kept on the changes agreed and the objectives set. We have been focusing on Business Transformation, Change Programmes and Project Delivery with our clients to ensure that their businesses are more efficient in the current climate. Transformation with agile delivery and integrated workstreams, characterised by reduced bureaucracy and improved accuracy is a key area of growth as the spotlight is now on developing lean, effective programmes whilst retaining key skilled people.

Our Approach

Our approach is to translating business strategies into departmental strategy and objectives. Assess the impact and the risk of the completing the objectives, to determine what can realistically be achieved.

The assessment drives out detailed plans to implement the changes. Our preferred method is to use the industry standard frameworks, such as ITIL, MOF, Prince2, which provide focus on measuring the input changes to show outcome improvements. The frameworks also provide a solid risk assessment platform.

Within this assessment may be a number of work packages, such as:

Understanding Existing Structure

Understanding the departmental structure, roles and responsibilities to ensure their appropriateness to support the strategic way forward

Reviewing Processes & Controls

Understanding internal myths and legends that prevent progress; reviewing process and procedural methods and the business and regulatory controls

Goals & Targets

Understanding what the organisation must do or have to deliver its goods and services rather than the ‘nice to haves’ that provide no value or benefit