Assessment & Psychometric Profiling

Triangle has wide experience psychometric profiling and of  designing, running and supporting Assessment and Development Centres across a full range of skills, seniority levels and industry sectors as free standing exercises or in support of recruitment, selection or people development activities.

Please contacts us to discuss your unique environment and specific circumstances. We would be pleased to assist and to meet, at your convenience, to talk about how assessment and development centres may be suitable and effective for your particular organisation and environment.

 Background to Assessment and Development Centres

Assessment and Development Centres are a series of extended psychometric procedures. They are considered to be the fairest and most accurate method of selecting and developing staff. A number of different selectors get to see the candidates over a longer period of time and have the opportunity to see what they can do in a variety of situations. Assessment centres typically include a number of elements including social/informal events and tests and exercises designed to reveal potential.

We offer a responsive service tailored to your needs. We will be most pleased to discuss your company’s particular needs and circumstances. We are licensed by the British Psychological Society and we use our expertise to select the most appropriate tools for your circumstances.

Psychometric Profiling

The effective use of ‘psychometric assessment’ plays a valuable role in making any selection process objective and fair. Occupational testing not only helps to protect your organisation from a discrimination or unfair dismissal claim but will also speed up your recruitment cycle, improve its accuracy and help promote you as a prospective employer to applicants who are increasingly in demand.

We employ a range of assessment tools to facilitate Recruitment, Selection, Personal Development and Organisational Development. They form an important part of a variety of key activities including team building, manpower planning, succession planning, assessment and career development centres. Some of the tests include: Saville Consulting Wave Professional Styles – (available electronically), SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32)Belbin Team TypesMyers Briggs (MBTI), Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Assessment and StrenghtScope.

Our success has been to develop strong, lasting and powerful partnerships.