Board Selection & Evaluation

Board Recruitment

Corporate governance and standards are constantly changing; they have a direct impact on businesses and their board and management structure. Triangle works closely with key board members to provide recruitment and succession solutions and strategy.

We appreciate that directors are required to meet and maintain ever higher levels of professionalism and delivery. Triangle has the expertise to find the appropriate talent for all executive and non-executive board roles.

Clearer demands are being made for succession planning. We understand the complex role of today’s board members and we believe this knowledge is essential in order to be able to contribute in the search for talent.

Board Evaluation

The strategic and performance related demands on the board are increasing and the value of evaluation is becoming crucial in ensuring effectiveness and business success. Each evaluation assignment we conduct is individually tailored to match specific client requirements and environment.

Our investigation provides clear quantitative and qualitative insights into how the board functions and highlights areas for improvement. Our evaluation shows, among other things, how the chairman and CEO/COO interact and perform their respective roles and carry out their responsibilities within the board of directors. It highlights each board member’s contribution and analyses both the composition and expertise within the board.

Our success has been to develop strong, lasting and powerful partnerships.